Nachbau vom viva

Nachbau vom viva

The Viva is real good class for beginners but also for experts (like me ;) ) The Viva kit contains everything you need (except RC parts) It's a really super CNC Quality kit and building will take you for about 2 or 3 day's. The building is very easy with the Manuel withs you can download from the website

The last thing i want to say is: Klasse macht Spaß!! ;)
My Viva setup:

-2x Digital metal gear servo 16g/2.2kg/.16sec from China
-1x Brushless engine 1050 kv
-1x 2s 25c 2200 mah lipo or 2s 25c 1500 mah lipo
-1x 25 amp speedcontroller bec
-1x MPX 7 channel synth receiver
-Total weight is 480 grams

Greets and many thanks for the Super kit!

I Really would like to order the Gritter in the future!

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